Calgary Police Half Marathon The Service sees this event as just one more way to foster positive relationships with Calgarians.

cops and joggers 2015

How about a 5K?

Not quite up for a half marathon? No problem. Why not sign up for our 5K Run & Walk and make it a fun run with your family or friends. The theme is Cops & Joggers and prizes are awarded for best costumes.


Training Blog – April 21, 2014

With your training coming to an end, and a little bit more time to dedicate to movie watching with a few rainy days coming up, I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favorite running related films. Some are funnier than others and some are built to inspire. You...


Training Blog – April 14, 2014

Rest and recovery is just as important (if not more) than the running itself. Throughout your training, it is important to make sure you are getting adequate rest and you are recovering properly, but in the last few weeks it becomes especially important. With building up to the half marathon...

The Four Food Groups

Training Blog – April 7, 2014

Along with training for a half marathon comes the hunger of increasing the volume and intensity of your running. Many people choose to start running in attempt to lose weight; but how do you find the happy medium between satisfying increasing hunger and shedding a few extra pounds? All calories...


Training Blog – March 31, 2014

Hills are a very daunting process of training for a half-marathon but they are by far the most important. In my opinion, your entire race lies in your ability to run your hills properly. Hills take years of practice but a few simple steps can have you passing people on...